Fixbo is a webside offering an enhanced and highly sophisticated tool for Shipbrokers, Charterers, Traders, Shipowners or Chartering Agents in european markets, an updated data basis for your daily business, showing what has been done. As all parties of the shipping business can report. You will see a mixture of reports from Brokers, Charterers and Owners, reflecting more plurality. All on a confidential and anonymous status. This makes a difference.


We believe in democratization of information and accessibility, similar to what the internet already did for our daily lives. Every time you want, where ever you are.


Be convinced that fixbo will help you to negotiate on a more leveled basis. For indications this handy tool can give you an idea of what has been done with a few mouse-clicks. In a couple of seconds you make your own analysis and statistics.


Please sign in for a free trial period. Don’t be afraid of innovations! It’s absolutely easy to handle. Easy to use and intuitiveness are the highest goals of fixbo. We bring complex informations easy to your fingertips and you can concentrate on what you do best, making deals and earning money.


Rely in us and gain the benefits. Be part of the future. Be part of fixbo.


join the innovation at www.fixbo.eu




Christian Buckow


Roman Rütten

New York

Over 40 Years successful experience in the shipping industry and global knowledge of the shippping community.

Based in the high pace market of New York City Roman is an award winning media professional with multiple press articles working as a creative director of one of New Yorks hottest media shops.


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