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Dear friends & Partners,


for some years we have the idea, that a highly sophisticated market report is being required for the european coaster trade. Mid thisyear we decided to put all our knowledge of the coaster business intoa new enterprise. We call it FIXBO.


FIXBO ist an interactive platform, where all parties involved in the shipping business, Brokers, Charterers and Owners can insert their fixture reports on an anonymous basis.


To date we are proud to announce the launching of FIXBO.


You are welcome to register for a 14 days free trial period. You will

find many fixture reports inserted already, for which we thank all our friends who have provided us with details of recent fixtures and share our believe, that FIXBO will be a valuable tool for the entire shipping business.


But you will not only find fixture reports. You can also make analysis or statistiks to your own requirements by using some filters. All within a few mouse-clicks only.


You can concentrate your enquiries on trading areas by setting up filters in the tool MAP.


All in all FIXBO will help all parties to bring the business on a more levelled basis.


Reading reports is one thing, but the spirit of FIXBO is to attract you individually to report what you have done. It‘s all anonymous and the only reference to the reporter shown is whether it comes from a Broker, a Charterer or an Owner. What you can see today is only a small fraction of what the market has done, and it is now your turn to give more informations and to keep the platform up to date.


In order to avoid any conflict of interersts, B/L Transport GmbH with immediate effect has decided to cease all chartering activities and will only concentrate on the further developement of FIXBO.


Rest asured, that we will not  touch the chartering business anymore and that it is our highest target to keep the entire system confidential. No names of members will be disclosed to anybody outside our company.


if you like to contact FIXBO by email then please send same to:     or


Be faithful and register in at


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